CMS votes on who can attend new south Charlotte school

CMS votes on who can attend new south Charlotte school

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After months of debate, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials have decided the future of the new Rea Farms school in south Charlotte.

In a lengthy meeting, the CMS Board of Education voted to make Rea Farms a K-8 school, with students making up 70% who live nearby and 30% of students coming from the school choice lottery.

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Superintendent Clayton Wilcox called the move much needed to provide overcrowding relief to south Charlotte schools.

"One of the things I have heard over and over again is: Just let people choose where to go," Wilcox said. "The problem is I can't run a school system that way."

The move follows months of debate and passionate pleas from affected south Charlotte parents.

Many addressed the board about their opposition to being forced to attend a themed school.

"Forcing students to attended a themed school when it is not their choice is bad policy," Jarrett Lewis said.

CMS hasn't decided what the theme of the school will be yet.

Many parents called for Rea Road Farms to be a 100% magnet school, but Wilcox said the overcrowding in south Charlotte is impossible to ignore.

"This will be a great school for kids and families to go to," he said.

Some students from McKee Road and Polo Ridge will be assigned to the Rea Farms school.

A motion by Sean Strain to make Rea Farms 100 percent magnet failed. Wilcox said the proposal didn't make sense.

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