Thousands of CMS students start new semester fully virtual on Tuesday

CMS will start new semester fully virtual on Tuesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students will not return to the classroom for the new semester on Tuesday. The district voted to return to full virtual learning as the county works to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

CMS will stay fully remote until Jan. 19.

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Andrea Dixon said in-school is the best environment for her third grader and she’ll be back once doors reopen.

“It’s definitely not what I thought it was going to be like, I thought they would be back in school by now,” Dixon said. “I’m very grateful that they are doing the virtual learning and they still get to interact with their teacher, it’s just unfortunate that it’s not the classroom setting.”

Originally, the district wanted all students in the classroom in some capacity following winter break but leaders walked that decision back after a surge in COVID cases.

While some agree with the decision to start the semester remotely, others are upset and are even calling on the school board to restore an in-person option for families.

Parent Shelly Thurman wears two hats. She’s a learning pod facilitator for young students and a mom to a CMS high schooler.

While her son is doing well and will stay learning virtually this semester, she shared with Channel 9 what she’s hearing from some other families.

“It’s difficult to balance work and teaching and most the parents I know, they want the very best for their children and don’t feel like they are getting it. And again that is not a criticism of CMS, that’s a criticism of the world we’re living in right now,” she said.

There is a petition circulating with over 3,000 signatures calling on the CMS superintendent and board to restore an in-person option for families.

The district said it will continue to offer food service for students, and they are working on getting more internet access for countless kids.

CMS teacher uses TikTok to reach her students, and thousands more across the world