Coach Wilks’ scholarship gives student-athletes skills, internships at App State

CHARLOTTE — Carolina Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilks played at Appalachian State University where he and his wife now give opportunities to other student-athletes.

The Steve and Marcia Wilks Post-Graduate Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

“It’s so many individuals that play athletics who aren’t going to make it to the next level, whether it’s NBA, NFL,” said Wilks Charlotte native. “And I want individuals to know there are other opportunities out there for you.”

The scholarship is for one Mountaineer student-athlete every year who is underrepresented and getting a graduate degree at App State.

Former Mountaineers safety Ryan Huff is this year’s recipient and a first-generation college student.

“There came a time when I didn’t know what I wanted to do after football,” Huff said. “And I wanted to get into student-athlete development. I worked in academic services, but I kind of wanted to give student-athletes something I didn’t have personally.”

This scholarship offers much more than money. Students can get a year-long internship within the university’s athletics department.

Recipients gain hands-on experience, skills, mentorship and a vast network to further help them in the field.

In the video at the top of this webpage, learn more about the scholarship and its impacts App State.

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