Community Matters Café set to host annual Culinary Celebration of Black History

CHARLOTTE — The Community Matters Café in Uptown is known for its breakfasts and lunches while also giving back to the community.

But the staff is now preparing for a big performance on Monday night. It will be the restaurant’s third year hosting A Culinary Celebration of Black History.

Chef Chayil Johnson is heading up the event.

“I think food is the real holder of the balance between art and culture throughout history and be able to network those things together,” Johnson said.

In a five-course dinner and mocktail pairing, the event explores how Black literature and culinary culture reflect history and community. Each dish is inspired by Black literature and made by chefs throughout the community.

Chef Tshé Carter is making chicken ballotine, a dish inspired by the poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes.

“The goal really is to have an influence and impact on the lives around me,” Carter said.

Carter said she found the perfect pairing with Community Matters, as the café is an extension of the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Many of the graduates of the program go on to work at Community Matters.

All proceeds from Monday’s event will support the recovery program.

You may even learn a thing or two.

“It’s hard around a good plate of food not to have a conversation and not have a good time around that conversation.” Johnson said.

The event will start at 6 p.m., and each ticket will cost $110. You can purchase tickets by clicking here.

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