Community supports local pasta maker paralyzed on Easter Sunday

CHARLOTTE — There is an incredible amount of support being shown for an employee at Pasta & Provisions.

The community has come together and raised thousands of dollars after a horrific accident left Thang Sum paralyzed on Easter Sunday.

You may not know his name or recognize his face. But chances are if you’ve eaten at Pasta & Provisions, Thang was the man behind your meal.

“Thang is an essential part of the process. He is the assistant to Agosostino, who is our head pasta maker and has been for 28 years. Thang would have eventually moved into Agosostino’s role,” Kevin Sherrill said.

Sherrill said he started working with Thang in 2019 when he came from Myanmar as a refugee fleeing persecution in his home country.

Thang was then hired by the owners of Pasta & Provisions through the Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency.

Channel 9′s Genevieve Curtis learned that on Easter Sunday, Thang was jumping on a trampoline with his nieces and nephews when he broke his neck. It was an injury that would leave him paralyzed.

“There are going to be extensive medical bills. We are talking right now 24/7 nursing care and I don’t even know what those bills can be,” Sherrill said.

The owners of Pasta & Provisions jumped into action to help Thang by starting a GoFundMe. They said they hope to raise $10,000 to help with the impending medical expenses that Thang will face.

In less than five days, the GoFundMe has raised over $50,000 due to regulars, community members, and those who were just touched by Thang’s story.

“It means the world. It really does. It’s special to see everybody come out and support. It makes you feel good that you are part of a local, family-owned business in Charlotte that does that right thing,” Sherrill said.

Pasta & Provisions said it has been feeding Charlotte for around 30 years.

The restaurant said if food is the love language it serves the community, then the donations pouring in certainly feed the soul.

“Miracles do happen and that’s all that’s we can wish for. That’s all we can ask for,” Sherrill said.

On the GoFundMe, the owners posted an update, saying that Thang was in the hospital worried about his job.

They said that whenever he is ready, his job will be waiting for him.

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