Congressional candidate criticizes commissioner for acts while intoxicated in Facebook post

RICHMOND COUNTY, N.C. — A bizarre story has unfolded in Richmond County involving a congressional candidate, two county commissioners, and a motorcycle.

The incident happened early in the morning on January 27.

Eighth Congressional District candidate Chris Maples posted security footage to his Facebook page, saying he wants to squash ‘nasty rumors’ in the interest of transparency.

Maples says he and his wife, commissioner Toni Maples, were trying to be kind by giving a ride to a fellow commissioner who was intoxicated after a night out; that commissioner was Robin Roberts.

In the video, Commissioner Roberts can be seen going up to the motorcycle, pulling her pants down, and squatting.

Roberts did not respond to multiple emails from the Political Beat team about the incident.

The Richmond Observer reports that Roberts posted a statement on Facebook claiming that she never touched or defaced the motorcycle.

The paper also says that before Roberts deleted the post, it said in part:

“In my defense, I was only joking with my friend and did nothing wrong. I was having fun on my birthday. That was the first time I’ve been out in over a year!!! It will be another year before I go back out!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!”

It appears that Maples did not find the incident funny; he didn’t respond to our request for a comment but did share a post on Facebook:

“That Commissioner embarrassed our good name and reputation by exiting the vehicle and desecrating someone’s private property.”

On Sunday, Maples sent this response to The Political Beat Team:

“I have nothing more to say on this matter. My Facebook post is my final statement. I apologize for the tardiness of my response but as I am sure can imagine, I have been busy spreading my message that I am the most qualified and experienced person in this race to secure America’s borders, defend gun ownership, restore public safety in our communities, and the vast litany of issues our nation and the people of North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District see as their greatest priorities. That’s why I’m running and that is what I will continue to focus on.”

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