County commissioner shares information about program providing tax relief to local homeowners

CHARLOTTE — The cost of homeownership has shot up tremendously over the years.

However, residents in Mecklenburg County may be getting a break, thanks to ready and available money with no strings attached, it’s called the HOMES Program.

The program is used to help local homeowners who need tax relief, and County Commissioner, Mark Jerrell, says a large amount is set aside to keep community members in their homes.

“We’re really excited about it. It’s not new. But we have a tremendous amount set aside,” Jerrell said, “So it’s really just geared to help folks that are in an area where we need to provide some economic relief for them. The cost and the burden of homeownership have skyrocketed. And it’s it’s just, it’s out of control for a lot of folks.”

For more information about the HOMES Program, click here.

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