Couple asks Action 9 for help getting refund for bed

CLAREMONT, N.C. — A Claremont couple with severe health issues spent thousands on a bed they thought would give them relief, but they ended up frustrated instead.

Patricia Meadows and Deana Terevinto have multiple health challenges. They wanted a special bed that could go up and down. They say they spent more than $7,000 on one, but that they were slipping off it.

They say the company, Sleep Number, took back the mattresses and refunded about half their money.

The couple also say the bed’s up/down feature stopped working. They acknowledge the store tried to make repairs but say the bed still didn’t work.

“Very, very, very, very stressful,” Terevinto said.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke emailed Sleep Number and the next day, Terevinto emailed him saying the company agreed to give back the remaining $3,000. The business emailed Action 9 that it “takes all customer issues seriously.”

If you’re buying a bed, especially with medical reasons in mind:

- Make sure you test it before you buy.

- Ask if your doctor recommends a certain kind.

- See who has the best return policy and warranty.

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