Records show violent relationship between women after 1 killed

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Court records show Shirley Pierce and Marlene Johnson, the woman charged with killing her, had a violent relationship that lasted for several years.

Since 2010, Pierce had filed eight separate complaints or applications for restraining orders against Johnson.

In 2007, Pierce wrote in one complaint that Johnson approached her during a Charlotte charity event, and slapped her in the face, because Johnson believed Pierce was having an affair with her husband.

Johnson's husband and Pierce worked together at a textile plant in Mount Pleasant.

In 2010, Pierce wrote that Johnson's behavior was violent, that she had slashed tires on her husband's car and that Pierce was fearful for her safety.

Pierce also wrote Johnson "terrorized, tormented, stalked and terrified me."

In 2011, documents said Johnson assaulted Pierce and two other women in the parking lot of a Concord restaurant, shoving Pierce to the ground and repeatedly kicked her, bruising her leg and causing an injury to her hand.

Johnson was ordered to stay away from the restaurant, as well as Pierce's Kannapolis church.

Records show Johnson still tried to contact Pierce and even sent a Facebook friend request to her last year.

Also in 2012, a judge extended the no-contact order for a year, which ended last month.

Pierce, 62, was found dead in her Kannapolis home Tuesday morning with multiple stab wounds.

Johnson, 61, has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

She's expected to appear in court for a bond hearing next week.

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