Dallas’ new mayor after two decades highlights vision for town’s future

DALLAS, N.C. — After two decades, the town of Dallas has a new mayor.

With just over 6,000 residents, the small Gaston County community elected Republican Hayley Beaty as mayor. She will be sworn in on Tuesday.

Beaty is a high school teacher, former collegiate athlete, cross-fitter, and native of Dallas. While she doesn’t see anything wrong within the community, she believes that a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective will help propel Dallas into the modern age.

To bring positive change to the community, she took on the mayor for the past 20 years, Rick Coleman, winning by a landslide. She credits her win to her work ethic and involvement in the community.

“I think my energy, my work efforts, and my ability to just show people that I care because that’s who I truly am,” Beaty said. “I think that involvement, community involvement, and hearing people want someone who shows that they are going to listen to them and do the things that they say that they do.”

>>In the video at the top of this story, listen as Beaty illustrates her future for the town of Dallas

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