Davidson nail salon owners accused of human trafficking faces indentured servitude allegations

DAVIDSON, N.C. — A nail salon owner tied to human trafficking allegations in Davidson is facing new allegations of indentured servitude.

Channel 9 learned of claims that a worker at Luxury Nail Salon was stabbed with manicure tools, forced to work seven days a week without pay and had her credit card and other belongings taken away.

Currently, the nail salon sign says it is temporarily closed.

The latest allegation comes from a complaint for forfeiture, a civil action filed in federal court that details why investigators seized more than $52,000 from the salon.

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The report details claims that Tien Luong forced “KD” into a debt servitude contract of $180,000.

It says Luong told KD her poor work performance was costing the business money and clients in that amount.

The allegations also say, “On several occasions, Luong stabbed KD in the chest and back repeatedly with a metal cuticle pusher, causing bleeding and leaving scars all over her chest and back” and that “Luong also beat KD with a blunt metal object causing deep bruising and abrasions.”

It also says that five times, Luong issued KD a paycheck, drove her to the bank, had KD cash it and then Luong would take the money back.

“I've lived here my whole life, and I don't remember there ever seeing news like this,” Davidson resident Tucker Horne said. “It's bizarre. Human trafficking is like a big deal, that's not small-time crime."

North Carolina ranks 10th for the most human trafficking cases in the country.

The attorney for the owner of Luxury Nail Salon in Davidson vehemently denies the allegations, telling Channel 9 there was no forced labor.
He says his client, Luong, sold what was left of the business as it’s been destroyed by these false allegations.

Experts told Channel 9 that human trafficking thrives in places like nail salons and spas.

A victim's advocacy group called Lily Pad Haven held a community discussion to raise awareness of the issue, talking about the factors that make North Carolina a prime location for the crime.

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