Lawsuit filed against former deputy accused of planting drugs as part of revenge plot

ANSON COUNTY, N.C. — A former Anson County deputy accused of planting drugs in a man’s vehicle as part of a revenge plot is now facing a civil suit.

Sheriff Landric Reid said in 2019 that he was grateful his detectives were able to uncover the alleged scheme before anyone’s life was ruined.

"This was a revenge case where he planted drugs in this male's car,” Reid said. “This male was dating his ex, and he wanted revenge, and he wanted his ex-girlfriend back."

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Reid said in March of 2018, former Deputy David Scott Burroughs bought drugs, such as heroin and meth, and planted them in the victim’s car.

Burroughs told his fellow officers about tips from the public that indicated that the victim, Ray Kifer Jr., was dealing drugs out of his car.

The suit claims that as a result, Kifer was arrested, interrogated and suffered hours of psychological trauma before the truth finally came out. Charges were dropped against Kifer that day, without any explanation, according to the lawsuit.

“This started on a Sunday afternoon,” Reid said. “By Wednesday, when we made the stop, drugs were at the same place in the car. That was a red flag because anyone selling drugs wouldn’t have them Sunday to Wednesday in the same place.”

The sheriff fired Burroughs immediately after his deputies investigated the case in 2018. They called the State Bureau of Investigation to look into the matter.

Burroughs was arrested in 2019 after deputies and the SBI wrapped up their investigation.

Kifer filed a lawsuit in District Court Tuesday, reading, in part: “The facts of this case are simple and terrifying. In an extraordinary abuse of power, ex-Anson County Sheriff Deputy David Scott Burroughs wielded his authority as a sworn law enforcement officer to fabricate a crime and frame Ray Kifer, Jr. for a felony drug offense that he did not commit. As a result of Burroughs’ conduct, Ray Kifer was arrested and interrogated, and suffered hours of psychological trauma before the truth finally came out.”

The lawsuit goes on to say that the motivation behind Burroughs’ actions was jealousy because Kifer was dating his ex-girlfriend and he wanted her back.

Kifer, who moved to Ohio after the ordeal, is asking for a jury trial in the civil suit. He’s asking for cash to compensate for emotional and psychological damage, among other things.

Burroughs’ case is still pending. He is due in court next month.

Four other deputies and an unknown federal agent are listed as co-defendants in the suit.