Developer causes uproar after proposing rezoning for home community in Weddington

UNION COUNTY, N.C. — The Weddington Town Council will have the option to approve a zoning change that would allow a new development to be built.

The development is set to be discussed at Monday’s meeting, where the president of the Provident Land Company will make his pitch. The meeting is expected to draw quite a crowd due to the uproar this proposed development has caused.

“A small amount of expansion so that the Weddington Town Center can become a little bit more special. I’m excited about the sense of community that this can provide,” Tom Waters, president of the Provident Land Company, said.

Waters said he plans to develop the land between Providence and Weddington Roads into Weddington Green which will feature 197 homes, a few specialty shops, office spaces, hiking and biking trails, a beer garden, an amphitheater, food truck stalls and an eight and half-acre park.

“This would be a place you could have a Christmas tree that becomes the annual Christmas tree lighting location. This could be a place you could do a 4th of July celebration,” Waters said.

The Town Planning Commission unanimously recommended the project’s approval by the town council.

But almost 2,000 Weddington residents have signed a petition against it.

“It’s insanity,” resident Mark Miller said. “They rubber-stamped this plan with basically not doing their job.”

Miller said he built a home in the area in 2003 but over the years, as Charlotte has grown, the Union County town has also felt the growing pains of progress.

“The problems that we have that are tremendous with traffic, infrastructure, schools, etc. Now, this development group is petitioning the town to change the zoning laws, which will bring even more population density into the town,” Miller said.

Through it all, Weddington has remained unique with zoning allowing only one acre per family.

Miller said he doesn’t want the council to change zoning laws to accommodate Weddington Green, despite what the development may offer.

“What they are offering, the normal Weddington resident isn’t going to take advantage of, but are going to have to pay for,” Miller said.

Waters said the project is drawing unfair comparisons to Waverly, a much larger retail development just three miles from the Weddington Green location. Waters said Waverly has 65 rental stalls, apartments, and two hotels. Those are things Weddington Green won’t have, according to Waters.

“I’m hoping the Weddington residents will take the time to come out, see what we are talking about there. And then comment on are we really like Waverly or not,” Waters said.

As far as traffic impact is concerned, the developer told Channel 9 that they are adding significant improvements to follow state guidelines and help improve traffic flow. However, the NCDOT study has not been completed.

On Monday night at 7 p.m., the council will get to hear from both sides. The meeting was originally set to be held at the town hall but was moved to a local church due to the unexpectedly large crowd.

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