‘Disappointed’: Some say medical transcription company never paid them

Ellen Horak and Barbara James say they worked remotely doing medical transcription for a Florida-based company called Scribe Technology Solutions.

“We would get voice files from different states. I think I mainly did orthopedics, and we would just transcribe what the doctor said and submit it back to the client,” James said.

Horak and James say their problems getting paid started during the pandemic.

“There were times when, through the last two years, where we wouldn’t get paid on time, things will be late,” Horak said.

Then -- they say -- the money stopped completely at the end of last year. Horak says she’s owed more than $2,200. James says almost $1,800.

Another woman told Action 9 she is missing almost $1,900, and a fourth person told Action 9 about $3,500.

“Angry. Angry,” Horak said. “We do the work, and then they get paid from the doctor’s offices. But that money [was] never transferred over to us for the work we performed.”

“Disappointed,” James said.

A forum for medical transcriptionists called MTStars had similar complaints about Scribe. One person wrote, “I’m hopeful that I (and everyone else) will be paid entirely / eventually.”

The workers Action 9 spoke with say they complained or at least tried to, but that it was hard to get in touch with a real person.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke emailed and called the business and a lawyer whose name he came across on company documents. Stoogenke even mailed letters to addresses he found for the head of the company. But he didn’t get a response in time for this report either.

As you probably know, there’s a difference between employees and independent contractors. But, in either case, if you’re owed money:

  • File complaints with the state and federal departments of labor.
  • You may want to talk to a labor lawyer. You might even need to consider suing.
  • In this case involving Scribe, the medical transcriptionists should at least file complaints with the Florida Attorney General.

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