Distilleries can now sell liquor on Sundays in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE — When it comes to buying alcohol in North Carolina, it can be challenging. But at time when supply issues are plaguing ABC stores throughout the state, a new law is making it easier to buy your favorite spirit. For the first time since prohibition, you can buy a bottle of liquor on Sunday.

That’s music to the ears of the Great Wagon Road Distillery in NoDa.

[NC distilleries can sell liquor in bottles on Sundays for first time since Prohibition]

“We really try to cater to everybody here,” Emily Simpson, bar manager of Great Wagon Road Distillery, said. “Everything is made in-house.”

North Carolina now allows people to purchase bottles of liquor on Sundays as long as they buy it straight from the distillery. In Mecklenburg County, Great Wagon Road is currently the only option.

“We want to make sure everyone can get what they need,” Simpson said.

Last Sunday was the first time in a century you could buy a bottle of liquor in the Tar Heel state on a Sunday and Great Wagon Road did well. According to Simpson, they did triple their average sales that day, selling over 100 bottles.

Simpson says they are grateful for the extra business.

“It has been pretty spectacular for us,” she said. “We are just trying to make sure we got the product and the staff, and we are ready to go to make sure everyone that wants a bottle has one,” she said.

Great Wagon Road is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. They sell vodka, gin and three types of whiskey.

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