Fort Mill school district can’t access money to pay for new schools

FORT MILL, S.C. — Many families that thought they were paying millions of dollars for new schools to fix overcrowding issues have learned the Fort Mill School district can’t access that money.

In 2018, the school district started to collect fees to pay for the construction of Catawba Ridge High School and three other schools in the area.

Construction is complete and the district wants to use that money to pay off the bonds, but the county said no.

“I think it’s a tragedy for the taxpayer because, in the interim, this money is being held and not being used to pay down the debt,” said Rep. Ray Felder, R-York, who helps lead the Education Committee. “But I do believe the courts will interpret on behalf of the taxpayer. And the intent of the legislation and the intent of the county council when they passed the impact fee that specifically named the schools and the projects that these monies were going to be used for.”

>> In the video at the top of this page, South Carolina reporter Tina Terry looks into where the funds are going and what it means for those in the area that continues to grow.

(Watch the video below: Fort Mill schools decide against mask mandate)

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