Man accused of threatening to shoot up UNCC campus free on bond

CHARLOTTE, NC — UNC Charlotte police are paying close attention to the student who they say threatened to shoot up the campus. Matt Saavedra is already out of jail less than 24 hours after his arrest.

UNCC Police Chief Jeff Baker said Saavedra's mother helped him post the $12,000 bond and he is reportedly now with family in Forsyth County.

Earlier this week, Saavedra was charged with a felony for making a false report concerning mass violence on education property.

A police search warrant lists disturbing items found in his off-campus home. It says when officers searched Saavedra's apartment they found a campus emergency response guide on his wall opened to the active shooter response and evacuation pages. On his computer, they found searches for school shootings and videos about death.

The warrant says investigators took building blueprints, notebooks, and other items from Saavedra's apartment.

Saavedra was involuntarily committed for mental health care before his arrest after he reportedly made the threats to a doctor. He is not allowed on the UNCC campus.

"This is something we face in America today.  We have these threats and there aren't always clear lines of prosecution. It is difficult," Chief Baker explained.

Licensed professional counselor Susan Williams said in cases like this, where the suspect has no criminal past, it's difficult for professionals to predict future violence.

"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior," she said.

Chief Baker said his department is reaching out to authorities in Forsyth County and Saavedra's family to keep tabs on him.

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