• DNC paved way for more big events in Charlotte, tourism newsletter says

    By: Holly Maynard


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The Democratic National Convention has paved the way for even bigger events in Charlotte's future, according to a recent newsletter from the Hospitality Tourism Alliance of Greater Charlotte. 

    Eyewitness News has already told you about the talk of bringing the Super Bowl or the 2024 Olympics here, but now we know that's not all city leaders want to bring to Charlotte.

    "There's only positive things happening in the next few years," said Peter Cuocolo, the president of the Charlotte Special Events group. "I think we're going to be shining as we did right after the DNC." 

    Cuocolo showed Eyewitness News a recent newsletter sent to hundreds of people in Charlotte's hospitality industry that says because of the DNC, "The pressure is on to use the convention's success to enhance our existing major events, recruiting new events, securing additional conventions, along with generating more corporate business via relocations." 

    The newsletter mentions events that are now more obtainable, including the Super Bowl and the Olympics, but also the 2016 Republican National Convention, regional political conventions, a major Labor Day college football game, more amateur sporting events, college and AAU baseball tournaments, and more international and national soccer games.

    Cuocolo said the city has a way to go before it’s ready for the Olympics, but most of the other events could happen here soon. 

    Eyewitness News asked some people what they thought about the bigger events coming here.  When Laura Daily was asked if events like the Super Bowl seemed feasible, she said, "It does to me -- doesn't hurt to dream." 

    "Just doesn't seem like we could handle that much volume of people in the city,” James Vanover said.

    Eyewitness News asked the CRVA if any work is being done right now to secure any of those events.  They said they're all on their radar, and there's a full sales team working every day to get events here.  However, they won't comment publicly until they've definitely secured an event. 

    When Eyewitness News asked Mayor Foxx's office about the list, his spokesman sent a statement that said, "Mayor Foxx is engaged in ongoing conversations with community leaders about what's next for Charlotte.  During the Chamber's recent trip to New York City, Mayor Foxx and others on the trip met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who discussed with the delegation what it takes to host a Super Bowl."

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