Local distillery to make hand sanitizer for first responders, medical professionals, nonprofits

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local distillery is giving back. Hand sanitizer is so desperately needed. Since Doc Porter's in Lower South End can't be open to the public right now, they are putting their distillery to good use

“It feels incredible. We love what we do, but now to be able to help our friends, our families and our neighbors, it feels great,” said Jason Harris, assistant distiller.

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Harris is used to producing bourbon, gin and whiskey. Now he has a new task, hand sanitizer

"We feel it is our civic duty to help out," he said.

Doc Porter's expects the arrival of two key ingredients next week. The distillery hopes to churn out 30 gallons by the first week of April. They were inspired by a distillery in Durham doing the same thing.

Co-Owner Liz Porter said the spray sanitizer is being produced for first responders, medical professionals and nonprofits that help shelter people or serve the underprivileged.

"It actually feels good to be in the position to do something," Porter said. "So many people want to help and there really isn't a lot that can be done apart from staying at home."

Now that Doc Porter’s has all the necessary government approvals, the process to make it is relatively simple, according to Harris. He’s excited to get started.

"We can't quantify how many lives we will be able to save by doing this," he said. "It is a wonderful thing."

Doc Porter’s is in need of a relatively large quantity of 1- to 5-gallon containers.

The hand sanitizer is not available to the public currently. If you are a representative of an organization that needs hand sanitizer, visit Doc Porter’s website here.

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