Drivers express frustration after construction causes delays on I-485

CHARLOTTE — Thousands of people were stuck on Interstate 485 Tuesday morning when the North Carolina Department of Transport took a little longer than expected.

Traffic Team 9′s Mark Taylor developed it into the issue.

“I just so happened to see a DOT worker in a white truck, and she said, ‘Ma’am, go ahead and put it in the park because you’re not going to be moving,’” commuter Marquisa Davis said.

NCDOT said crews created a traffic shift to cover old pavement markings between Johnston Road and Highway 51. However, rain delayed their work, which created a nightmare for drivers along the toll lane construction zone.

“People were getting frustrated. You could see them on their phones, trying to talk to people and explain. It was a sad situation because so many people you could tell were just thinking, ‘How am I going to get to work on time because this is rush hour traffic?’” Davis explained.

Taylor inquired about why the work was being done during the morning rush.

NCDOT said, “This was emergency work that had to be done for the public’s safety. Since there was a traffic shift, the old lane markings had to be removed so there wouldn’t be confusion with new ones being added.”

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