• East Meck assistant coach calls player racial slur; parents not notified about disciplinary action

    By: Paul Boyd


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An East Mecklenburg High School assistant football coach is accused of using a racial slur toward a player at practice.

    Parents are upset because they said they weren’t told about any disciplinary action against the assistant coach or notified that he would return.

    Desiree Emory said a white assistant coach called her son, who is a junior at East Meck, the N-word in a moment of anger in front of his teammates at a football practice last October.

    “I've had enough,” Emory said.

    A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools source with direct knowledge confirmed the racial slur was used.

    “There’s just never an excuse for any adult to use any type of language like that towards a child,” Emory said.

    Channel 9 learned the assistant coach was removed from the school almost immediately and stayed away for about six months.

    A few weeks ago, however, the assistant coach appeared at the school again.

    Emory said her son was not given notice and never received an apology.

    “There was no apology, formal or informal, and then you just bring him back?” Emory said.

    Emory said she was told the issue had been addressed at the district level and the assistant coach is back in good standing.

    The frustrated mother contacted the school board and was told they couldn't comment on personnel decisions.

    “You're forced to have to see this man every day and you expect my child to be OK with it,” Emory said.

    Emory decided to move to Fort Mill and transfer her son in his senior year in an effort to avoid interacting with the assistant coach who called him the N-word.

    “I don't want him to have to be at a school where he has to deal with a coach that has called him such a vicious and nasty word,” Emory said.

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