• Elderly woman attacked by dog after daughter-in-law has seizure


    LAWNDALE, N.C. - A woman was attacked by her daughter-in-law's dog Tuesday morning after the daughter had a seizure, according to animal control officials in Cleveland County. The daughter-in-law had a second seizure, and the dog attacked again.

    Animal control officials are still trying to figure out what happened that incited the pit bull to attack someone he knew all of his life – a 73-year-old woman who relies on an oxygen tank.

    "It was horrible, just horrible," said neighbor Kimberly Reynolds, who witnessed the accident.

    Reynolds saw Patrece Ogle after the dog attacked her, biting and mauling the woman's face.

    "I couldn't sleep at all last night," Reynolds said.

    The dog was raised in a Lawndale home with Ogle and daughter-in-law.

    Reynolds described the dog as friendly.

    However, when Ogle's daughter-in-law had a seizure, Animal Control said the dog attacked after misreading Ogle's actions to help.

    Cleveland County's animal control officials said Ogle and her daughter-in-law pleaded to let them keep the dog.

    "The dog was not aggressive in any way," said Trip Bowling, director of Animal Control. "Therefore, we felt it would be safe for the owner to keep him."

    Tuesday afternoon, Ogle's daughter-in-law had another seizure and the pit bull attacked again. Animal control is still trying to figure out the order of events, but when they showed up, the pit bull and their other dog were very agitated.

    "They were highly aggressive when we got inside," Bowling said.

    "That woman has got enough problems without being attacked by her own dog," said neighbor Pat Holloway.

    Ogle was still in intensive care late Wednesday afternoon.

    Both dogs are being kept at the county shelter.

    Animal control said the pit bull could be declared dangerous and euthanized if the owner doesn't agree to strict limitations before taking him back.

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