Third-grader contracts COVID-19 days after teacher at school dies from virus

Elementary school student contracts COVID-19 days after teacher dies from virus

NORWOOD, N.C. — A third-grader at Norwood Elementary School in Stanly County has tested positive for COVID-19, the principal told parents Wednesday via a voice message. The news comes three days after parents were notified that Norwood Elementary third grade teacher Julie Davis died from the virus.

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School officials said the student who tested positive for the virus has not been to school since Sept. 29, when the entire third grade went to remote learning as a precaution after a message went out to parents from the school saying a staff member in the third grade had contracted COVID-19.

Those students are scheduled to come back to school on Monday.

The first case of COVID-19 tied to the school was reported on Sept. 18. That’s when parents were notified that a student contracted the virus.


Davis' family members told Channel 9 they believe she got COVID-19 from a student. The school said she did not.

School officials are working with the county health department to determine if they should extend virtual learning beyond Oct. 12., the principal told parents Wednesday in a voice message.

Some parents wanted the whole school quarantined, not just the third grade. Channel 9 is reaching out to the health department to learn more about their next steps.

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