EPA to host public hearing on new rules for SC paper mill

CATAWBA, S.C. — On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency will host a public hearing on new rules for a paper mill in Catawba, South Carolina.

The EPA found that hydrogen sulfide emissions from New Indy Catawba were responsible for a foul stench that thousands of residents complained about at the border between North Carolina and South Carolina.


Now, the EPA is making New Indy address the problem and pay a $1 million settlement. On Tuesday, the public can comment on the new consent decree. Members of the Southeastern Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit will also be attending the meeting to answer anyone’s health-related questions.

Tuesday’s meeting is capped at 150 people and starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Rock Hill Sports & Event Center. For more details on the meeting, click here.

(WATCH BELOW: EPA orders paper plant to reduce emissions causing foul odor near state line)