Fans are buzzing as NASCAR returns to North Wilkesboro

NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C — NASCAR is back in North Wilkesboro and there is a renewed buzz in the air for the sport.

Some fans thought the speedway would forever be closed, but it received $18 million from the American Rescue Plan for infrastructure improvement.

The town of North Wilkesboro only has a population of just over 4,000 people, but it is expecting tens of thousands of visitors throughout this weekend for NASCAR‘s All-Star Race. Before drivers took to the track on Sunday, fans took to the track for a Fan Fest that also included a hauler parade through downtown North Wilkesboro.

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty talked to fans who came all over the country and even across the world.

“I didn’t know that this track was gonna come back and being able to be in those stands is just the best feeling in this world,” fan Toni Cothren said.

Larry Schoolcraft is traveling from Texas with his friends and was at the last race the track hosted in 1996.

“I still have my 96 T-Shirt and when we found out that it was going to reopen I told my wife if it’s at all possible we’re coming back,” Schoolcraft said.

In downtown North Wilkesboro, almost every business has sings that welcome fans back.

“There’s the nostalgia that people really seem to enjoy and to be able to get back,” busniness owner Brad Luty said. “Everybody is pumped about it to be able to get back to North Wilkesboro.”

Faherty got a look at the track and the progress being made and talked to one fan who said then plan to spend around $2,000 for the trip. F

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