Singer stunned after Charlotte FC crowd finishes national anthem

CHARLOTTE — One of the most talked-about moments from Charlotte FC’s first home match happened before it even started.

The sound system went out during the national anthem, and that’s when almost 75,000 fans started singing in unison.

Singer Michelle Brooks-Thompson told Channel 9 that she’s sung the Star-Spangled Banner more than 50 times at professional sports games.

She knew the microphone went out briefly, but in her earpiece the sound returned, so she had no idea the crowd couldn’t hear her. She was also stunned to have a chorus singing along, something she never experienced before.

Now, the moment has gone viral across the country.

“And that is beautiful. We need love and unity right now in our country, and that was a moment in Charlotte. That is historic now, where everyone came together for that,” Brooks-Thompson said.

She said in all of her performances, she’s never had the crowd sing along with her, and doesn’t expect that to happen again.

(WATCH BELOW: Charlotte FC falls 0-1 in inaugural home game in front of sold-out crowd)

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