Father upset after woman accused of helping kill his son released on bond

Father upset after woman accused of helping kill son released on bond

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — The father of a man who was killed and dismembered in Rowan County last spring is outraged after a woman accused in his son's murder was released on bond.

According to detectives, Steve Earley's 19-year-old son Michael Earley was murdered after trying to sell a small amount of marijuana to three teenagers.

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They said Michael Earley got into an argument with 19-year-old Carlos Rosas and Rosas killed him.

<p>Michael Earley and Carlos Rosas Jr.</p>

Michael Earley and Carlos Rosas Jr.

(Michael Earley, Carlos Rosas)

Officials said Madison Harrington, 18, and Lauren Grimes, 19, helped Rosas cover up the murder by cutting Earley's body up into pieces and hiding the body parts in a secluded area.

"It's evil pure evil, Steve Earley said. "There is no explanation for the type of evil in someone."

In a search warrant found by Channel 9, Rosas told investigators that Harrington came up with the idea, but she was released from jail this week after making her $500,000 bond.

(Grimes, Harrington)

Steve Earley told Eyewitness News reporter Tina Terry that Harrington's release is an injustice.

"With me being his father the only thing I can give my son anymore is justice, and he deserves that," Steve Earley said.

An attorney not associated with the case told Channel 9 a $500,000 bond on an accessory to murder charge is not unusual.

Rosas and Grimes are still in jail.