Federal lawsuit: Inlivian denies claims its discriminated against applicants

CHARLOTTE — Inlivian is firing back after a former employee accused the public housing agency of discrimination. Inlivian filed a response this week to a December 2023 lawsuit by Tonya Lightner.

Lightner, a former employee, claims she was told to not submit applications from applicants who were considered elderly and not to submit applications from applicants who had low credit scores.

In court documents, she says she was told to prioritize the applications of associates of her supervisor, Monica Nathan. Lightner says she would be threatened and harassed if she didn’t do this.

A former employee at Charlotte’s public housing authority says there was a pattern of discrimination against some applicants, according to a new lawsuit filed earlier this month.

In court documents, Inlivian and Nathan are denying all of the allegations.

The court documents claim that Inlivian and Nathan “acted in good faith to comply with all laws governing unlawful discrimination, fair housing practices, and have maintained appropriate policies to prevent discrimination and retaliation.”

Inlivian and Nathan are asking a federal judge to dismiss Lightner’s case and award them attorney fees. An attorney for Lightner said they are looking forward to their day in court.

“General denials to a complaint is standard in litigation and to be expected,” the statement reads. “Plaintiff is very thankful for the response received by the City of Charlotte and encourages residents to continue reaching out. We are looking forward to our day in Court.”

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