Federal police union sues USPS; wants officers to protect mail carriers

A federal police union is suing the U.S. Postal Service, saying they want their officers to be able to protect mail carriers in the wake of increasing attacks.

Action 9 has reported since last year that thieves are targeting postal workers. They’re trying to steal their master keys, which open the big blue mailboxes.

While the post office has its own police force, Postal Police Officers are not allowed to patrol outside of post offices. However, last month, an arbitrator ruled the Postal Police do have jurisdiction to patrol the streets and protect mail carriers.

Now, the Postal Police Officers Association has filed a federal lawsuit against the post office to try and reinstate the outside patrols.

So far, the Postal Service hasn’t responded to the lawsuit, but a spokesperson previously told Channel 9 the agency disagreed with the arbitrator’s decision.

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