Greg Olsen’s foundation raises awareness for heart conditions, spotlights local boy

CHARLOTTE — Although he’s preparing to commentate the Super Bowl this weekend, Greg Olsen’s foundation is hard at work raising money and awareness for heart disease.

Donations to participate in a Charlotte-wide competition go towards The HEARTeast Yard, a foundation one local mother says she’s relied on since the day she had her son. He’s one of 130 babies born with a congenital heart defect in Mecklenburg County every year.

“At that time, we learned about the foundation and what it provides and it gave us hope. While Brantley was in between his second surgeries, we were able to have nurses in our home taking care of Brantley, monitoring how much he weighs, what he’s eating, his pulses, and just overall care,” said LuAnn Register.

Brantley was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, a birth defect that affects the blood flow through the heart. Olsen’s son has the same defect.

All month, people can donate $15 to gain entry into a closest-to-the-pin competition being held at PXG golf store in University City.

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