• Group opposing I-77 toll lanes looks into legal challenge


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The group who opposes toll lanes on Interstate 77 between Charlotte and Mooresville is beefing up efforts to stop the project.

    The group is called Widen I-77 and it has been harshly critical of the state's plans to add toll lanes to I-77

    The group said it has hired a lawyer to look into the possibility of a legal challenge that could stop the toll road project.  

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    Members said they'll study possible legal strategies in hopes of getting a judge to issue an injunction against the toll lanes.

    The state is close to finalizing a contract with the Spanish firm Cintra.     

    The cost of the tolls lanes has yet to be decided.        
    Other Cintra operated toll roads pay about $10 round trip.

    Channel 9 also reported the company is having problems on toll roads in Texas and Indiana.        
    A major financial agency said Cintra is having trouble making payments on money it borrowed for the project in Texas.

    A company Cintra jointly owns, filed for bankruptcy because of the lack of traffic on the Indiana toll road.

    Widen I-77 and also the group North Carolina Citizens Against Toll Roads will hold a meeting Thursday on the controversial project at 6 p.m. at the Galway Hooker Restaurant and Pub on Kenton Drive in Cornelius.

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