‘Gutted’: Nonprofit, more customers upset with Lake Norman flooring store that closed suddenly

CORNELIUS, N.C. — More people, including a local nonprofit, have contacted Action 9 saying they gave a flooring store in Cornelius money, but it didn’t do the work, and now it looks like the business has closed.

Connie Wessner walked Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke through the plans for new floors for a 95-year-old woman who she says needs the floors desperately.

“They’ve been maintained really well. There’s just no life left in them,” she said.

Wessner runs the Davidson Housing Coalition and one of its programs, “Hammers,” fixes people’s homes.

She says the group hired Flowers Flooring for the 95-year-old’s project and put down half of the cost in the beginning of July. Then the store shut suddenly.

“[I feel] gutted,” she said.

Others can relate. Seventeen people have now contacted Action 9 about the flooring company. In total, they say they paid the company $115,012 and didn’t get flooring or refunds.

“They have been so, so patient and to have to call last week and say we have to start all over again was heart-wrenching,” Wessner said. “We’ll get it done, that flooring is going to get replaced, but I’m now out $2,700 I didn’t really have to start with, and now I’ve got to start again.”

Action 9 tried to contact Flowers Flooring and its owner multiple times and multiple ways since August 25, but no one responded in time for this report.

If this happened to you:

- Report it to the state attorney general.

- If you paid with a credit card, dispute it right away.

- You can always sue in small claims court if you feel it’s worth the time, energy, and money.

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