Habitat for Humanity uses city ordinance to help build affordable housing

CHARLOTTE — With interest rates steadily increasing and the price of land going up, become a first-time homeowner in the Charlotte area is becoming more difficult.

According to apartmentlist.com, rent in Charlotte has gone up more than 14% in the past year, but help may be around the corner.

“When we get to our home, stability means we will be able to afford mortgage and not rent because it will be our own,” said Zenovia Boatwright, who will be moving into a Habitat for Humanity with her two children in a few months.

>> In the video at the top of the page, Channel 9′s Damany Lewis learns how Habitat for Humanity is using the City of Charlotte’s Unified Development Ordinance to make homeownership a reality.

(WATCH BELOW: County commissioners to vote Tuesday on plan to keep east Charlotte apartments affordable)

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