• Hidden Valley resident has plans to revitalize community

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Hidden Valley man said he's got a big plan to revitalize his neighborhood.

    Tom Wilson said he's got several key players lined up, but claims he's having a tough time getting some leaders within the community on board.
    For the last two years, Wilson said he's been working to lay the groundwork for a public-private partnership to revitalize the neighborhood.
    Wilson said his goal is to get corporate, state, or local partners to help him fix up homes in need of repair or purchase boarded up or vacant homes and renovate them as well.
    Wilson said several major companies, organizations, as well as state and local leaders have said they are on board and willing to help.

    But he said he hasn't gotten that same support from some community leaders
    "They're beginning to come on board, but for over two years I've been trying and haven’t had a whole lot of success," said Wilson.
    Channel 9 contacted the Hidden Valley Community Development Corporation, or CDC, about Wilson's claims. 

    Via email, Vice-President John Wall said, "I have not been involved nor have I any knowledge of the plans proposed by Mr. Wilson for the Hidden Valley Community." 

    Wall said he doesn't oppose the plan, but he doesn't understand the roles the CDC or community association have in the plans.
    Sam Love is very active in the neighborhood.  He is the former president of the Community Association and said he's currently working to help re-ignite the CDC, because it's been inactive for several years.

    "I'm surprised Mr. Wall would say that he sit in the meeting here with us and Wilson explained what he had intentions on doing," said Love.
    Love said he supports Wilson's idea and will do his part to rally the community to get involved.
    "I think we should have had this years ago we wouldn't have the problems we are having now," he said. 

    Wilson said his next step is to have a meeting with community leaders and those who have offered to help to discuss the specific needs the neighborhood has to create a formal game plan for moving forward.  He would like to see construction start by next year. 

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