Mother killed in 3-car crash in Kings Mountain

Highway Patrol: Mother died in Kings Mountain accident, daughters taken to hospital

KINGS MOUNTAIN — Theresa Barber heard what sounded like an explosion, then saw a young woman get out of a car that had just crashed near her hair salon.

"She got out and had her hands on her head. I guess she was saying, like, oh my God," Barber said.

She had just seen the silver Dodge the woman was driving go racing past her window and slam into a chain link fence in front of her neighbor's house. That wasn't near the worst of the accident.

Troopers said 35-year-old April Terry left Grandpa's Country Store on Bethlehem Road around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

She had her two daughters, ages 17 and 9, with her in her Honda Civic.

Troopers said Terry pulled out onto the road right in front of the silver Dodge. Investigators said there was no time for the woman driving the Dodge Stratus to react, or avoid hitting Terry. She rear-ended the Honda, and the impact shoved the small car into oncoming traffic.

It was then hit head-on by another woman driving a Ford Flex wagon.

Terry was killed at the scene, her two daughters both taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center.

Cindy Walker raced outside Grandpa's Country Store after hearing the crash.

"It was horrific. It was just indescribable," Walker said.

She cooks breakfast and lunch at the small store, and told Channel 9 that Terry and her daughters had just been in. In fact, they were regulars there.

Walker spent the morning in tears.

"It's sad, especially when there's children, and they were just in here too. It hurts," she said.

Four people involved in the crash were taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center.

Troopers said the victim caused the accident, and they reviewed video from the convenience store to help determine that no charges will be filed.

Terry was on her way to take her two daughters to school. One of them attended Kings Mountain High School. Their injuries are not believed to be serious.