‘Hoodooed is what you get’: Watch out for car wrapping scam

CHARLOTTE — You may be looking for more ways to make money, especially from home, with the cost of gas and groceries rising.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke is warning people about an old scam that he’s starting to hear about again. Scammers pretend to be with a big brand name and offer to pay you to wrap your car in the company’s logo.

“You know how prices (are) up, up, up,” said Chad Courier. “We’re out here working and trying to make a little extra side hustle. Instead, you get damn hoodooed is what you get.”

He told Stoogenke someone texted him asking if he’d wrap his car in Lipton’s logo for $400 per week.

He clicked the link in the text, and the scammer sent him a check for more than $1,800 along with typical instructions scammers use and Stoogenke has warned about — keep part of the money but send most of it to someone else, who turns out to be the scammer. The checks are usually fake as well.

Luckily, Courier’s wife caught on and stopped him from sending any money.

Advice from Action 9:

— Be suspicious if someone contacts you out of the blue offering you money to wrap your car.

— Don’t click any links in a text or email.

— If anyone sends you a check, asks you to deposit it and tells you to keep part of the money for yourself and send the rest elsewhere, do not fall for it.

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