'Hops and Hogs' festival organizers will give some refunds

Hops and Hogs organizers will give some refunds

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Many residents and visitors are upset about a beer and BBQ festival this past weekend in Huntersville. People said the Hops and Hogs event had major traffic issues and ran out of alcohol.

So Action 9's Jason Stoogenke got in touch with the organizers right away. They say they're going to give some people refunds, but for beer only, not the whole event. Hopefully, you held on to your unused drink tickets.

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You'll need to mail them to:

6014 Walnut Loop Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28277
Attention: Hops and Hogs Craft Corral Refund

Stoogenke suggests you take a picture of the tickets first.

Organizers say the turnout was bigger than expected. One reason – the good weather.

"Well for starters, this event being the first edition, was a huge success. All new festivals face certain obstacles, our hiccups where traffic and beer. The event started at 11:30 and ended at 10:50. This event faced a double-edged sword. Beautiful weather, double the people which lead to the problems we had.  Regarding traffic, it’s a two lane road. When we where prepping for the event, we worked closely with Huntersville police department to find a way to decrease the amount of cars actually on the road. All festivals have traffic no matter what. Regarding Beer, the event actually had beer and liquor til the end of the event. We had 4 breweries left out of 18 still pouring at the craft corral. In addition, GA bar and the VIP where still serving until last call. Where lines long? Yes, next year we are re-evaluating the site map and adding more bars to the event. We ran out of beer that certain people preferred," they said in an email.