How does North Carolina rank for education?

North Carolina’s public education system falls short of the state’s prestigious university reputations, says WalletHub. The Tar Heel State’s K-12 public school systems and overall education level are below average compared to the nation, despite having some of the most renowned universities in the country.

North Carolina was rated to have the 32nd best K-12 public school system in the nation, based on quality and safety. The quality rating was based on metrics including high school graduation rate, math and reading scores, median SAT and ACT scores, and the pupil-teacher ratio.

Statistics indicate these are areas where the state can improve.

Test scores could also use some improvement, North Carolina was tied for 46th lowest median ACT score, with Alabama, Hawaii, Mississippi and South Carolina. WalletHub also ranked North Carolina as the sixth worst state for K-12 teachers in 2017.

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