‘I miss her, enormously’: Young mother’s murder remains unsolved 30 year later

CHARLOTTE — The murder of Kim Thomas in her Charlotte home has remained unsolved for 30 years.

Her family hasn't given up hope that her killer will be brought to justice.

The young mother’s murder that happened in a neighborhood off Wendover Road is one of Charlotte’s enduring mysteries.

“I miss her, enormously,” said Lynn Thomas, who is Kim Thomas’ sister.

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Kim Thomas was found handcuffed in her home. She was partially clothed, and her throat had been cut.

“It’s just not OK that Kim’s dead and no one’s held accountable,” Lynn Thomas said. “It just doesn’t calculate.”

There were two likely suspects in the beginning of the investigation.

Handyman Marion Gales, who had a history of petty crimes, did work at the home.

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Police said there was no sign of a break-in, and nothing was missing from the home.

Kim Thomas’ husband, Dr. Ed Friedland had been having an affair. Police arrested Friedland and charged him with murder, but prosecutors later dismissed the charge for lack of evidence.

Friedland moved to Florida, and in a telephone interview with Channel 9 several years ago, Friedland adamantly denied being involved.

“I can tell you one thing. I’m innocent. I was innocent. I am innocent,” Friedland said. “I will always be innocent, and I should never have been charged.”

“What was the motive for him suddenly going crazy and doing that to his wife?” said David Rudolf, Friedland’s attorney at the time.

Rudolph said the accusation did not make sense.

“It didn’t make any sense then, it makes less sense now,” Rudolph said.

Lynn Thomas is still looking for answers.

“There’s something about the dogged persistence,” she said. “It’s the way we were raised, and I promised my dad before he died that I would continue.”

Police and prosecutors said the murder case is officially still open.