‘It is going to change my life’: New affordable housing development coming to Concord

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — The City of Concord, Cabarrus County, and local nonprofit We Build Concord are coming together to build a new affordable housing development in Concord to give families a chance at homeownership.

Concord is the most popular suburb of Charlotte and the cost of homes is rising, with a price tag that is out of reach for many families.

One local mother said she and her two young daughters spent almost a year living out of a car. Thanks to this new initiative, they will soon have a home in Concord’s Logan community.

“It was hard,” said Kimba Johnson.

With the help of this new program that helps her boost her credit and savings, her family has come a long way.

“It is going to change my life tremendously,” Johnson said.

The Logan community of Concord is one of the oldest African American neighborhoods. AJ Clark and Lynda Gabriel have lived there for decades, but only 35% of their neighbors own a home.

“There’s always been pride here. There is history here,” said Clark.

That’s a pride they hope other families will soon share.

Patrick Graham, CEO of We Build Concord, said the land on Lincoln Street in the Logan community will soon hold 26 townhomes built for ownership.

“You want to provide a community with a sense of stability and help with the econ mobility of residents,” Graham said.

>> In the video at the top of the page, Reporter Allison Latos and Graham discuss how the new program will assist families, when construction is set to start, and what other communities could also soon receive help from the organization.

(WATCH BELOW: Charlotte leaders approve $12.4 million to go toward affordable housing developments)

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