‘It’s awful looking’: Homeowner says neighbor’s windows warped her siding

ROCK HILL, S.C. — The siding on Evette Evans’s Rock Hill house was warped, like it was melting.

“I’m embarrassed. I think it’s awful looking. It looks like it was a fire. I need something done about it,” she said.

She says she didn’t know at first what was causing it.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has covered this issue often over the years. Some houses have low-energy windows that keep the homes cool by reflecting the sun away. But sometimes those rays damage the siding on the house next door, like the one Evans lives in.

So Stoogenke contacted the owner next door, which happens to be a company, Tricon Residential. He asked Tricon to do two things: fix the siding and put a film on its own windows to prevent it from happening again. Tricon did the same month.

“The house is beautiful. The siding is lovely,” Evans said. “I’m relieved. I’m thankful. And I just want to encourage other people to reach out to you as well if they need help because, as a consumer, we don’t always know what to do and where to go.”

Tricon emailed Stoogenke:

“Tricon strives to be the most resident-centric housing provider in America because we believe housing unlocks life’s potential. We care about the communities in which our residents live and are committed to being good neighbors. We are grateful that Ms. Evans reached out and we are pleased to share that we have resolved this issue by working with a local contractor to replace the siding on her home. Tricon takes pride in its people-first approach in delivering quality outcomes for residents and for the communities where they live, which is why we invest tens of thousands of dollars in remodeling and upgrades, and when something is broken, we promptly make repairs.”

The lessons here:

- As soon as you see warping, act quickly.

- Talk to your neighbor, ask him/her to put a film on the windows.

- You may have to pay for it, but it may be worth it.

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