‘It’s a nightmare’: Woman left searching for answers after raw sewage floods her home

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte woman’s home was flooded with raw sewage when it backed up, spewing from her bathroom.

Stephanie Walker told Channel 9′s Allison Latos that the city’s program to make repairs won’t even cover half the cost. Now, she’s homeless and searching for help.

“I have been out of my house since Feb. 15, 6:30 a.m.,” she said. " I got a house that I can’t live in.”

Walker, who works at Statesville Avenue Presbyterian Church, said the raw sewage backed up through her pipes four months ago.

“I heard a gurgling sound in the half bath,” she said. “Water was spewing out of the toilet and the tank.”

She said crews found the problem lodged in the sewer line.

“I was told it was a roll of sheet rock tape,” Walker said.

Her floors, cabinets, furniture and many belongs were destroyed.

The city of Charlotte has a voluntary sewer backup program to help Charlotte Water customers without insurance coverage, but the cap is $15,000. One of the city’s vendors estimated the repairs to Walker’s home at more than $38,000.

“I did not create this problem. I did not put anything in my toilet or drains to clog up my house up,” she said.

Attorney Shane Perry represents Walker and said if she accepts that $15,000 from the city, Walker must agree not to sue for any more.

“If her damages are $40,000 to $50,000 and you only get $15,000, what is the city saying? ‘We caused a problem, you’re going to pay for,’” Perry said. “Absolutely strings attached. There are chains attached. It’s despicable.”

Perry said Walker’s only other options if to fight the city in court, which could take months.

“It’s a nightmare. A total nightmare,” Walker said. “I am stressed beyond belief.”

City officials told Latos that they cannot comment on any specific case, but stressed they’re not obligated to offer this program at all.

When asked how they determined the $15,000 cap, they said most damages fall under that amount. For everyone else facing more expensive repairs, they’re left footing the bill for the difference.

Latos reached out to every city councilmember and the mayor asking for their opinion on that limit and whether the city should cover the total cost when a sewage backup is not the homeowner’s fault. They have not gotten back to her at his point.

Mayor Pro Tem Julie Eiselt and State Sen. Malcolm Graham told Latos that they will speak with Walker and look into the situation.

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