Child found with loaded handgun at Concord summer camp, police say

CORCORD, N.C. — An adult has been cited after a child brought a loaded gun to a summer camp for children ages 6 and 7, according to the Concord Police Department.

Police said on Tuesday morning, a counselor at Les Myers Summer Camp was made aware that a fellow camper had a weapon inside of their lunchbox.

The staff then immediately addressed the camper, secured the weapon and called authorities.

Police said a short time later they arrived at the scene, seized the weapon and cited the adult owner of the handgun for failure to properly store a firearm to protect minors.

The camper involved in this incident said they had no intention of causing harm or using the weapon to threaten campers or staff, investigators said.

However, the child will not be allowed to return back to camp, according to police.

Gun safety

David Bailey, the owner of Premier Training Academy, said the gun should be taken from the owner.

“They should be responsible,” Bailey said.

Bailey teaches gun safety classes in the Concord area and said people who own firearms should know how important it is to secure their weapons.

“A child will get it and the first thing a child will do is pick it up, and they’ll look up, and then they’ll turn it (around),” Bailey said.

He said there are many ways to keep a gun out of the hands of children.

“You could take a padlock and put it behind the trigger and lock-in, and the gun would not allow the trigger to pull,” Bailey said.

The parks and recreation department is also reviewing its procedures.

Bailey hopes the incident serves as a lesson to other parents.

He emphasized that parents should let their children know that guns are not a toy.

“Come take a class on gun safety, gun fundamentals,” Bailey said. “Let us teach you exactly what you need.”

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