Kia, Hyundai reimbursing drivers of certain models that caught fire

CHARLOTTE — There’s relief on the way for some drivers whose Hyundai and Kia vehicles caught fire without being in a crash.

The two companies say those drivers may be able to get money soon, including reimbursement for food and other expenses.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has reported on multiple class-action lawsuits involving the issue. Owners’ cars would catch fire, seemingly spontaneously, without a sign of overheating beforehand.

Now, the two companies have settled another case and the companies will have to reimburse qualified drivers not just for repairs, but also for other expenses the drivers incurred because of the problems. Those expenses include things like transportation, hotels, and meals for those left stranded.

Past coverage:

The list of affected vehicles includes the following:


  • 2013-2019 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport
  • 2011-2019 Hyundai Sonata


  • 2012-2019 Kia Sorento
  • 2011-2019 Kia Optima
  • 2012-2019 Kia Soul
  • 2011-2019 Kia Sportage

A federal judge gave preliminary approval for the deal, but a decision on giving final approval is expected in September.

(WATCH BELOW: Two major insurers refusing to cover older Hyundais and Kias, according to reports)

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