King's College closing doors after 2018 school year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After 117 years, Kings College is closing its doors.

The president and chief executive officer Martin Calihan cited declining enrollment levels as one of the primary reasons for the closing, according to a letter sent to students on June 4.

Calihan said he expects the school to remain fully accredited and in compliance with their educational mission until the school officially closes.

He added projections show that future enrollments will decline further. Efforts and resources will be used to serve current students in their transition. Current students will be able to complete their programs through December and graduate.

The letter also said effective June 4, King's College would no longer be enrolling new students or "re-enrolling" former students. It said students also may not have the opportunity to repeat courses if they fail.

Students will be able to utilize the college's job placement services through at least next April.

The school posted a message to its website Monday saying 2018 will be its final year.

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