• Last 2 games suspended for East Meck football team after brawl at game

    By: Elsa Gillis


    A fight erupted Monday during the third quarter of East Mecklenburg High School's varsity homecoming game against Hickory Ridge High School.

    "One person pulled somebody's face mask, and he pulled him down on the ground," Corey Levinson told Channel 9. 

    The East Meck freshman said he was sitting on the sidelines when things got out of control.

    "Then everybody just started, like, swinging, throwing punches, like, body slamming people and the whole other team came,” Levinson said. “You had parents coming out trying to break it up. It was crazy."

    Videos show players from both teams shoving each other while adults tried to control the chaos at the game.

    Levinson said he wasn't wearing his football pads but tried to jump in and stop the brawl.

    The rest of the game was canceled after the dust settled.

    [One arrested after ]brawl during ACC Championship game]

    The East Meck team’s last two games of the year were suspended because of the incident.

    Levinson said there weren't serious injuries.

    "(There were a) couple bloody knuckles because they were punching their helmets," he said.

    His mother, Aleah Levinson, told Channel 9 what could've happened is what worries her.

    "I just saw it, and I was like, cannot believe this just happened," Aleah Levinson said. "Somebody could've pulled out some weapon. It could've just escalated, and nobody had control of the situation so that's what freaked me out as a mom."

    She said the trend of violence among children needs to be talked about and addressed now.

    "It is important to say what's going on because when stuff gets covered up, that's when stuff slips through the cracks,” the mother said. “That's when people get pushed to the side and something tragic can happen."

    Channel 9 reached out to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and Cabarrus County Schools.

    Cabbarus County Schools sent Channel 9 this response to the incident:

    "The safety of our students and staff is always a priority. We have a student code of conduct that clearly outlines behavior expectations for students in school and at school events.  Our Board of Education policies outline consequences for those who violate school rules. Our district will follow board policies regarding discipline as we always do."

    CMS shared the letter sent from the principal to parents:

    "Good afternoon East Mecklenburg families,

    This is Rick Parker, Principal of East Mecklenburg High School, calling with a message regarding an incident, which occurred during our varsity football game on Monday, October 29th earlier this week.  You may see media reports about an incident of unsportsmanlike conduct on the field that led to the football game ending prematurely.  According to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Handbook, our football team violated Rule 3.2.2 (g)(4). This rule states that no person is allowed to leave the bench area and come on to the playing area during a fight, whether they participate or not. The penalty for this violation from the state is a two-game suspension. This is an unfortunate incident, which has led to the disqualification of our varsity football team from participating in their last two games of regular season.

    I support the decision of the NCHSAA. I firmly believe that our team is better than the actions they displayed during Monday’s game. That is not how we represent East Mecklenburg or our community. I would like to encourage our students to always consider the consequences for poor choices and exercise positive behavior and alternatives to resolve issues.

    Thank you for your support of East Mecklenburg High School."

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