Lawsuit filed in alleged Myers Park High School rape

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — “Help me."

"Guys, I'm being serious. I'm really scared."

"Mom, I’m being kidnapped. Call somebody."

Those are some of the text messages a former Myers Park High School student sent to classmates and family during an alleged abduction and rape back in 2015 that happened right near the school.

CMPD cold case unit arrests suspect in 1992 rape case ]

In the nearly 30-page civil suit, an unidentified girl (“Jane Doe”) claims that she was walking with student “Q.W.” one school morning on campus, and he was pressuring her to skip class, which she declined.

According to court documents, the two were spotted by school resource officer Bradley Leak, and he called out to Doe, asking her where she was going.

It also states Q.W. "immediately grabbed and squeezed" Doe’s arm and pulled her toward the woods next to campus, despite her verbal protest. That's when, according to the lawsuit, the girl started sending those frantic texts.  Shortly after, she describes being raped by Q.W.

The suit claims both a friend and the girl's father contacted Leak as they were getting these distraught texts, but nothing was done. In addition, Leak told the girl’s father that he saw the two leave campus and he believed she was skipping class on her own.

Eventually, after another call from her parents, the suit states Leak and the assistant principal at the time, Anthony Perkins, went to look for her and found the two students outside the woods.

The lawsuit stated, "Her hair was in disarray, she had mud on her clothing, her glasses were broken and there was semen on her shirt."

According to the suit, both students were told to sit in the patrol car together. When Q.W. was taken out, Doe told the officer she was sexually assaulted.

However, according to the lawsuit, "None of the defendants took a statement from her to investigate or resolve the complaint as required under Title IX."

According to the lawsuit, her parents took her to the hospital and contacted police.

Channel 9 tried contacting all parties involved. According to the city of Charlotte's website, Leak is employed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

CMPD officials said they had just received the complaint and that it will be reviewed and responded to within the judicial system.

Officials with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools stated they are unable to provide comment on current or pending litigation.

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