Legal expert talks how a vaccine passport would work

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As more people get vaccinated for COVID-19, some organizations are considering requiring a vaccine passport to make sure everyone who goes into a store, attends a game or gets on a plane is vaccinated.

It’s a decision many find controversial as they are worried about personal information. Several states have already banned their governments from enforcing vaccine passports.

On Tuesday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper talked about the issue but stayed far away from the idea of a mandate. Instead, the state wants to make your information available to you.

“They are working now to find the best and easiest way for someone who says, ‘Hey, I want to show a record of my vaccine,’ we need to be able to easily get it to them,” Cooper said.

>> In the video at the top of the page, Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke to a legal expert to see how a vaccine passport would work.

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