Livingstone College student says mold in dorm is causing breathing problems

SALISBURY, N.C. — Livingstone College’s president is responding to students who say they found mold in their dorms.

Amani Hector, a student, posted pictures on social media of mold and cracked walls in Goler Hall.

She says the mold is causing her and others to have breathing problems.

“It’s painted over, and some girls still have mold in the vents in the back of their rooms,” Hector said.

She also said there’s been no hot water.

School President Anthony J. Davis said in a video statement he learned late Friday that a water heater failed and a new one arrived on Tuesday. Davis was at Goler Hall to answer any questions.

Statement from Davis:

“During last semester, members of my administrative team evaluated our residence halls by assessing the living conditions for our on-campus students. ABM, our maintenance contractor, walked the residential properties with me and my administrators and assured us that they would work expeditiously to address all issues, to include those related to mold and overall cleanliness of our dormitories.

“In light of developments, Residence Life personnel on today executed a full assessment of every square inch of our residential spaces so that we may deploy the appropriate plan of action. If areas with mold are identified, we will immediately begin the mold abatement process.”

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