Local man who saves old, historic homes to be featured on national TV show

CONCORD, N.C. — A home renovator is on a mission to save historic homes in Cabarrus County, which has now put him in the national spotlight.

Channel 9 has reported on Adam Miller before when he split an old house outside of downtown Concord into pieces and moved it to a new property to save it from being torn down.

“I just love old houses,” Miller said.

Miller and his wife take old or historic homes that are on track to be demolished and breathe new life into them.

“You imagine somebody just comes in and tears down your childhood home,” he said. “And it’s where you had Christmases and birthdays. If there’s a shred of survivability in them, then we’re going to try to save them.”

Miller’s work is popular on TikTok, and his account @oldhouseadam has nearly 2 million followers.

Now, Miller will be featured on an episode of Magnolia Network’s “In with the Old.”

“The crazy thing is, as we were just, you know, making videos for fun on the internet one day, and now we’re on a TV show,” Miller said.

In the episode, Miller saves his childhood best friend’s home where they played. They cut the home into pieces, moved it to a new property, and turned it into a forever home in one year. Miller said his friend couldn’t be happier that a new family will get to enjoy his old home.

Miller hopes the episode will spread awareness of his mission and inspire others to do the same.

“We were just completely random people that, you know, loved our town, and we wanted to save some of the history,” Miller said. “And we have a town full of people that feel the same way. And if we can do it, I think other people can go out and save some of these homes.”

The episode of “In with the Old” airs Friday.

VIDEO: TikTok home renovator moves historic Concord home in pieces to save it

Hannah Goetz

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